Protect your people with penblade®

PenBlade, Inc. has created a novel safety scalpel that is intuitive, ergonomic, and rigid. PenBlade is a safety scalpel with unique features: the suture-trimming groove, which both improves safety and can eliminate the need for suture-trimming scissors; and semi-passive retraction, which automatically retracts the blade when the button is released. These features increase the likelihood of blade retraction when passing or placing in a tray. The PenBlade design allows muscle memory (i.e., that of a click pen) to play a role in both intuitiveness and safety.

What is PenBlade®


  • Safety Scalpel Or Cake Decorating Device, Whichever You Prefer
    Silicon Slope’s Chris Rawle praises PenBlade as the scalpel enters new markets.
  • 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Winner
    PenBlade, Inc. chosen as a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner June 14, 2017, Los Angeles, U.S. – Red Herring today announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2017 event, recognizing the continent’s most exciting and innovative private technology companies. The winners, celebrated at a special awards ceremony at the Marina […]